1. More monograms today. For this set, I started out with my initials set in Modula Tall (Top left). It seems obvious to just fit the T in to the V, I tried out a few variations in heigth.

    Because of the distinct V shape, making a sword is also a possibility. Variations include building a little man wielding a sort out of my first name and the initial of my surname.

    And to finish, a combination of the two, the silhouette of a sword in a sheath (bottom right.).
    And, of course, the more childish approach to that very same image. xD

  2. Those tiny eggs are growing and hatching, and the baby tiny chickens are feeding on my brain. They do everything that baby chickens do. They’re cute, they’re fuzzy. They poop, and they eat. They’re eating my brain and their poop is coming out my nose. ”

    I have a cold.


  3. I figured I could use a nice, professional looking logo, so I drew a couple of monograms with my initials, T & V. Many possibilities, but I don’t know how well I like them. Left could  be a number 1, if you turn it the right way, but I don’t know if I want to brand myself as being “number 1”. The right one could be stylized as an achor, again not sure I have enough confidence for that. xD

  4. I love bumblebees. They’re cute and fluffy and incredibly kind. How do I know they’re kind? In my childhood, I must’ve captured hundreds of these flying fluffballs into the dark fleshy prison of my hands, and I’ve only been stung once. That was the last time I captured one.

  5. I couldn’t be bothered to pose with my shirt, so I just dressed up my cardboard skeleton instead. (His name is Rupert! :D)

    (Not surprisingly, it’s quite difficult to wear glasses without having a nose.)

  6. Always.

  7. I just drew this in Illustrator. Might look for a proper implementation later…

  8. Bobbledroid

    I turned Bobblejohn into a droidbot. ^_^

    (I know that John Green uses an iPhone, but turning Bobblejohn into an apple just wasn’t as practical. :P)

  9. Of course, my window of opportunity comes in Hobbit design.

  10. dream  


    A series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep.

    One of my favourite words to write in Japanese, and in general. Kanji (chinese character) to the left, hiragana to the right. Pronounced “yume”.